Saturday, August 7, 2010

new Thai movie>Sing Lek Lek Tee Riak Wa Rak.

This movie is Thai movie. It is Romantic-Comedy movie that about teenager love. Workpoint Entertainment and Sahamongkol Film make this movie. An actor is Mr.Mario Maurer (Mario) from Rak Hang Siam movie. An actress is Mrs.Pimchanok Luewisatepibool (Baifern) , she froms
Before Valentine movie and many casts such as Tukky Chingroi from Tukky Jao Ying Kai Gob. This movie is about one student have a first love with one man but she is ugly and not cute same many girls th
at like that man too. She has to do everyway that make a man interested to her and she feels good , shy ,and happy everytime that have a chance to close to him. One day , she become a beautiful girl , the school pop star so many boy come to talk with her but she is not interest , she wait for that man. this movie teach many things such as friendly. This movie told about impressive of love and understand someone who have love. A director tell that he has an idea from his story and he want to try to make movie.

For me , this movie is good because it is Romantic-Comedy movie and it is the creative movie. I think it is one of good movie because I think many people have same this plot. I think this movie is easy to understand and everyone can watch. This movie can make many people smile, happy, and laugh.

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  1. i love this movie so much this movie belong to my life because i love some one but he did not love me now ...i still wait for his and i hide in my heart